Globe Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Globe Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) is a nonprofit organization with its main aim in fostering global business, Investment, Trade, commerce and Economic exchange.

GCCI organizes and supports initiatives and projects promoting international business, trade talk, global investment, and humanitarian goals

For Global business to maximize its potentials, there has to be GROWTH, CONNECTION AND EXPANSION. Its hightime every country, continent, & region truly opens up its boarders, share business, trade, accept change, and cooperate with each other. This we believe will encourage balanced trade and in the future totally abolish trade embargoes

- Nazmi Mema, Executive Director, GCCI, Europe

By supporting global business to streamline customs and border procedures, we support multilateralism as the best way to address global challenges and reach global goals.

Having witnessed the power of international commerce to lift millions of people out of poverty, today we have our sights set on the future of globalisation, working to promote inclusive and sustainable growth to the benefit of all.

We work to promote international trade, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation by combining our global influence with our unique expertise in advocacy, standard setting activities and global services.

In the activities we carry out every day—in our work to support the resolution of commercial disputes, through policy advocacy, in the development of rules and guidelines, in our training courses, and in the delivery of other practical tools and services, we help you adapt to the challenges of trading in today’s fast-paced global economy.


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We Corporate with every country's chamber of commerce to & enhance trade and general commerce!

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